Hydroponics is a system of non-soil based production of many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Coastline Baby Leaf – Named for the chaotic shape of its spiky green leaves, the Coastline is crisp and crunchy and adds a great texture to salads.

Dragoon Romaine – This mini dark green romaine produces dense, uniform heads with thick, crisp leaves.

Monte Carlo Romaine – Uniquely spiral forming, the Monte Carlo is a flavorful dark green romaine variety with wrinkled leaves and a creamy center.

Alkindus Butterhead – Named after Islamic philosopher, mathematician, physician, and musician, Al-Kindi, this butterhead is green in color with a hint of red and has shiny, slightly wrinkled leaves.

Rouxai Oakleaf – Pronounced “roo-shy,” this oakleaf is wonderfully colored with its intense red lobed leaves and light green interior and is balanced by its light and fluffy texture.

Tropicana Leaf Lettuce – Producing full heads with large, heavy leaves, the Tropicana displays vibrant, crisp green leaves with ruffled edges and great flavor.

Green Butter – Also part of the Salanova® collection, the very attractive Green Butter forms a dense rosette of tender, dark green leaves with a smooth, buttery texture.

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