Renaissance Gardens Incorporated is a socially responsible farming business located in Snellville, Georgia. We are a newly established company in the farm-to-table movement, providing locally grown food to restaurants and markets in the Atlanta Metro Area. We specialize in growing a variety of hydroponic greens, microgreens, fresh produce, and specialty products including mushrooms that utilize indoor and field production. We work with our clients to grow and produce unique fruits and vegetables specific to their needs.  Our goal is to provide locally grown, delicious produce that is rich in nutrients and delivered to our clients after each daily harvest.  Our produce is cultivated using traditional biological and mechanical methods, without the use of inorganic or synthesized pesticides and herbicides.

We are driven to contribute to our community in several ways by supporting local businesses, and giving a significant portion of our profits to non-profit organizations that serve military families, work to mitigate homelessness, and those that provide food-security to many in the Atlanta Metro Area.  In addition, we are an organization dedicated to improving our processes and techniques in preservation of our environment and energy resources.

Our goal is to become the premier supplier of naturally grown foods in the Atlanta Metro Area.  We will accomplish this goal through our commitment to providing exceptional produce and service to our clients.  Our future will include greenhouses that will produce soil and hydroponic crops to complete our offerings in leafy green vegetables.

Renaissance Gardens is a recognized Certified Naturally Grown enterprise, visit

Your support in making Renaissance Gardens an important part of our community is greatly appreciated.


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